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Fractional Ownership Plans

Comparing Key Features of our Fractional Ownership Programs

Curvy Road Fractional Ownership Programs offer:

  • Four to Eight Weeks Drive-Time across the year. Pay for only for the time you can use in the vehicle
  • Own partial driving rights to a collection of cutting edge super-cars without ever having to worry about service, tires, repairs, tolls, storage or insurance coverage
  • Delivery to your home or office, fully detailed, and with a complimentary full tank of gas & pre-paid tollway pass for each usage
  • Choose PRIVATE ACCESS or EXECUTIVE plan for the maximum financial flexibility to best match your needs AND, if you choose to, trade weeks to other super cars from your primary Curvy Road vehicle by simply placing a phone call.


  • 1/10 Share Plan offers our lowest priced option for 4 weeks drive time across the year, with less cash outlay upfront
    • One tenth plan is a one-year program with a roll-over option to a 2nd year
  • 1/5 Share Plan offers a guaranteed fixed cost over 2 years with 8 weeks drive time per year
    • One fifth plan is a two-year program with option to upgrade to new model - - or switch to a different primary vehicle at end of 2nd year

See specifics for each model below

  • Retain 100% equity in your share, with the Curvy Road Equity Plan
  • Minimum guaranteed residual value paid out at end of second year, or a full 1/5 of the actual selling price of the vehicle (less 10% management fee) - - whichever is greater
  • Enjoy 8 weeks drive time per year
  • Upgrade option to new model with a flat upgrade-rollover fee at end of 2nd year

See specifics for each model below

Click on model below for detailed pricing

Bentley Continental GT

Lamborghini Gallardo

Ford GT

Bentley Continental GTC

Ferrari 360 Spider

Porsche Carrera GT

Lamborghini Murcielago

Rolls Royce Phantom