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Requirements for Membership and Shareholder Usage

1.) Minimum Age

The minimum age is 30 years of age.
(Ages 25 to 30 may be eligible if certain criteria are met.)

2.) Initial Member Screening

For the protection of our members and to ensure that all PrivateAccess Plan fractional vehicles remain in excellent condition for the use of all Curvy Road fractional shareholders, we require that all prospective members go through an initial screening process. This process includes:

Driver’s Record - A Copy of member's driving record from within prior 30 days. Members must have a good driving record, and no serious delinquencies on their Equifax report.

Proof of Insurance - Curvy Road members need to present valid proof of insurance. The member's insurance is primary. Our supplemental insurance activates when coverages via the member's insurance are exhausted. This supplemental insurance is already covered in all Curvy Road pricing.

Additional Security Measures - Curvy Road reserves the right to request additional security measures, such as providing a fingerprint on-site, & maintaining a photograph of the member in member's confidential file.

Address Verification - Curvy Road will verify member's address and to reserves the right to deny membership to anyone unwilling to provide this verification

3.) Orientation

The high-end automobiles to which members of Curvy Road are given access are specialized & expensive vehicles. As an example, in a typical year, Ferrari sells a total of only 1,500 vehicles in the U.S.. In many cases, buyers of these cars have been waiting, on a list, for one to three years for delivery!

A 30 to 60 minute vehicle orientation and driving familiarity session with a designated Curvy Road employee is provided prior to the first usage of any vehicle being used by a fractional shareholder.

Due to the high replacement cost, maintenance, and the highly complex & often delicate nature of the mechanicals and electronics of the exotic automobiles available to Curvy Road fractional shareholders, as well as the dangers involved with driving high performance vehicles, we hope that members will be understanding of our policies and will be accepting of Curvy Road's recommendations regarding use of a particular exotic vehicle or in some cases to select an alternative Curvy Road vehicle.

4.) Adherence to Laws

Fractional shareholders (users of Curvy Road vehicles) agree to abide by all federal, state & local laws, as well as all speed limits, driving restrictions, parking restrictions and traffic laws.

Curvy Road does not in any way sanction the exceeding of posted speed limits, the use of radar detectors, or driving in a dangerous or careless manner. Membership/fractional shareholder privileges are contingent on written agreement to this policy.

Because Curvy Road takes the privilege of driving seriously, under no circumstances will the consumption of alcohol, prior to or while driving, be tolerated. That means no drinking and driving, ever.

5.) Representing your Organization

Fractional shareholders should always consider safety to be their top priority. They should also always extend the utmost courtesy and tolerance to other drivers and appropriately represent the overall Curvy Road collective of exotic and luxury automobile shareholders, and the exotic auto enthusiast community, in all situations.

The local & state authorities in each of our locations around the country, as well as the community at large, look favorably on and support our organization.

By following this approach, members will help ensure that this support continues.

6.) High Octane Fuel

In most cases, the high-performance cars we make available utilize high-octane fuel. When re-fueling the exotic car, members will need to use high octane fuel, such as 93 octane (or, where available 94 octane) - unleaded fuel. In return, Curvy Road provides the automobile for each usage with a complimentary full tank of fuel. The shareholder can return the vehicle full or empty, or anywhere in between. No need to worry about refueling before returning.

7.) Open Road Driving

Open Road driving is one of the true pleasures of exotic car ownership. Curvy Road encourages PrivateAccess plan fractional shareholders to experience this aspect of exotic car ownership with each vehicle driven from the portfolio.

At the same time, risks are always present, and, for the protection of our members, we have implemented a GPS tracking system. Also, in the case of an emergency, this helps us assist more quickly. This system keeps our insurance costs lower, which in turn will ensure that we can keep the cost of fractional ownership low for our members.

8.) No Racing or Track Use

The Curvy Road PrivateAccess program is not intended for racing or track use. This includes club events and touring, so please don’t attempt any form of track use.

9.) No Smoking Policy

Since Curvy Road vehicles are shared by multiple fractional shareholders, please adhere to our strict no-smoking policy at all times when in a Curvy Road vehicle.

We thank you in advance.

10.) Vehicle Care

When you decide to drive an exotic super-car, you've taken on a significant responsibility. By following the above Curvy Road policies, guidelines and suggestions, plus using caution, courtesy, and reasonable care you will enjoy the greatest driving experience possible.