1.) How does the Insurance work?

Curvy Road provides all supplemental insurance coverages. There is no need for the shareholder to purchase coverage, as our policy covers liability, comprehensive & collision.

2.) How will I be assured that I can drive the automobile when I want it?

Curvy Road assigns you two Preferred Advance Reservation Weeks annually, which are locked-in at the start of each year. The balance of your drive-time for the year is assigned by Curvy Road based on shareholder requested dates, to accommodate the needs of all the shareholders in a particular automobile. Holidays are assigned by lottery or by request if only one shareholder requests the particular holiday. Curvy Road's sister company, Exotic Car Share - which has 1200+ members and is in its 10th year - is managed by the same team as Curvy Road. This organization, with its experience in successfully accommodating multiple members' schedules over a number years, is recognized throughout the industry as the proven leader in exotic and luxury car sharing.

3.) Can I trade my usage weeks for different Curvy Road vehicles?

Yes, if you choose to, you can trade weeks from your primary Curvy Road vehicle share to use other super cars by just calling Curvy Road. Generally, there's minimal charge, if any cost at all, depending on the share-price of the vehicles for which you are trading weeks.

4.) Does Curvy Road deliver the automobile to me?

Delivery is provided to your home or office. Should you prefer to have Curvy Road store your daily vehicle while you drive your time-ownership vehicle, your daily car can be dropped off at the Curvy Road location in your city, and you can pick up your time ownership automobile at that time. Your Exotic or High-end Luxury Vehicle from Curvy Road, is delivered freshly detailed and full of fuel each usage. When you return the vehicle it isn't necessary to refuel, as the tank of gas is compliments of Curvy Road each time. Not a bad perk, don't you agree?

5.) What happens when the vehicle is sold out of the program?

Curvy Road maintains redundancy of vehicles wherever possible, to ensure consistency of vehicle groups, and where necessary will allow substitution of vehicle of choice, including higher group vehicles if required.

6.) Do you offer time-ownership vehicles in my city?

Today, Curvy Road has physical locations in the Chicago area, the NY Tri-state area, in Los Angeles, California, and in Naples/Ft. Myers, Florida. If you're not in one of these areas, depending on your location, we'll deliver the vehicle to you (and we'll generally split the transportation cost with you).