I don't think words or even audio reproductions can do justice to the sound of the Z06’s sport exhaust, especially with the sound settings maxed. You’ll have to hear it in person. Every shift is a sound experience.

The 670 hp V8 engine, paired with an 8-speed auto-shift transmission, and announcing its work via Corvette’s sport exhaust option, make this a supercar experience right up there with European exotics worth two and three times as much. The exterior design is unique to the Z06, and stands out in any setting.

The optional Carbon Aero package front splitter and rear spoiler let everyone know you’re driving the pinnacle of Corvette C8 performance cars. Yellow calpiers behind the gloss black wheels complete the visual package.

The pushbutton convertible top opens in 16 seconds, and the glass rear window has its own control-button to manage wind and sound in the cabin. Suspension, exhaust, and numerous other settings allow you to customize the ride in ways that other exotics don't. Front & rear trunks provide decent storage for a performance machine like the Z06.

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