"Anticipating delivery of my Bentley each reserved usage makes it feel like I'm getting a new car every season!"
- SK, Chicago, IL

" I really like that we're not limited to just the Gallardo – my week in the Bentley gave us a completely different driving experience and you all at Curvy Road made it so simple..."
- DS, Lincolnshire, IL

"I travel outside the country numerous times a year for a month at a time. The last thing I need is a $200,000 car sitting in the garage all that time. The 8 week share is perfect for my needs"
-JY, Brooklyn, NY

" I wouldn't want to spend $250,000 on a luxury car when I can drive the shared Rolls pretty much when I want, for a fraction of the cost. This program is great!"
- CM, Northridge, CA

" I know what it costs to own an exotic and compared to the share price, its a no brainer. I bought a 1/5 share of the Lambo and love it!"
- SB, Highland Park, IL

For shorter-term driving experiences, of less high-end exotics in the Chicagoland area, visit Exotic Car Share
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